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Leading to Greatness

5 Principles to Transform your Leadership and Build Great Teams

If you are looking to take your performance—and the performance of your team—to the next level, look no further. Leading to Greatness is your ultimate tool for exceptional results and sustained success.

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“Jim Reid has dedicated his life’s work to coaching and developing leaders, and to being a leader himself, at high levels of organizations. What most impresses me is his unquenchable drive to learn and to apply his accumulated wisdom to help leaders become both more humane and more effective. He is a true artist of the leadership development craft.”

—Jim Collins, author of Good to Great

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Book Description

Leading to Greatness is a hands-on how-to leadership development program designed to guide leaders to self- and organizational excellence. Through the application of author Jim Reid’s five core principles, leaders will be primed to propel their organizations and teams into the future.

Principle 1: Define and develop a crystal clear understanding of your values and purpose—and never deviate.

Principle 2: Recognize your core strengths and align them with your passions.

Principle 3: Consistently make the right people decisions.

Principle 4: Learn to manage energy—not time—to become fully engaged in life and leadership.

Principle 5: Develop a consistent inner discipline to achieve exceptional results.

Reid combines his decades of top-level leadership and coaching experience with the best research and science available to deliver to leaders a practical and actionable plan. When consistently applied in your life, this plan becomes a transformative experience. Part guidebook, part workbook and part work study, Leading to Greatness delivers proof of concept of Reid’s program through detailed case studies from +5 leaders across North America. The stunning results speak for themselves.

If you are looking to take your performance—and the performance of your team—to the next level, look no further. Leading to Greatness is your ultimate tool for exceptional results and sustained success.



“One of the best ways to nail a job interview is by connecting personal strengths to the work itself, said Jim Reid, author of Leading to Greatness. The book serves as a guide to finding the ideal job and becoming a leader in the workplace.”

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“If you are looking to take your leadership to the next level, have a read. I promise you won’t regret it.”

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“Committing to be a great company is not an easy path. It takes tremendous discipline, grit and a relentless drive to improve! And the journey never ends.”

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Leading to Greatness with Jim Reid

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“Jim Reid has dedicated his life’s work to coaching and developing leaders, and to being a leader himself, at high levels of organizations. What most impresses me is his unquenchable drive to learn and to apply his accumulated wisdom to help leaders become both more humane and more effective. He is a true artist of the leadership development craft.”

—Jim Collins, author of Good to Great 

“Jim is a master at supporting organization design and redesign, and in developing critical skills and competencies across an entire enterprise while helping gifted talent achieve their full potential. He is simply the best leader I have ever worked with.”

—Gerardo Chiaia, CEO, Logoplaste

“Jim’s great storytelling brings the leadership journey alive. His advice in Leading to Greatness is both practical and inspiring—a great reminder that leaders can learn to be great!”

—Mary Federau, Executive Vice President, Mattamy Asset Management

Leading to Greatness is masterfully done. Jim is an exceptional leader and coach who generously shares his learnings and insights; his tips, tools, and workbook will help those looking to build strong, cohesive teams, and immeasurably transform their leadership.”

—Anna Filipopoulos, Executive Vice President and Chief People and Culture Officer, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

“Jim Reid’s passion for leadership is rooted in a genuine desire to help people grow, develop, connect to one another, and live meaningfully. Leading to Greatness distills a lifetime of experience and knowledge into an accessible and transformational set of principles that will speak to every leader and aspiring leader looking to build and support a winning team.”

—Dr. Sonia K. Kang, Ph.D., Professor of Management, University of Toronto

“Jim Reid’s years as a successful senior executive and coach have enabled him to develop a powerful +5 Leadership Model that enables executives to excel in the most difficult circumstances.”

—Deepak Khandelwal, Former Google, Rogers, CIBC senior executive

“A work full of wisdom on what’s at the heart of great leadership. Jim is a caring coach and mentor with deep insight into human dynamics and how leaders can engage people and teams to achieve outstanding performance. Leading to Greatness is a must-read for anyone interested in being the best leader they can be.”

—Janet Ko, Corporate Affairs Executive

“This book is a must read for anyone interested in improving their leadership abilities and becoming the best they can be in their work and lives. It comes at a time when the world is full of contradictory thinking and advice on great leadership and when the world has never needed this advice more. What makes this book great and special is its author, Jim Reid. He is probably the best Chief Human Resources Officer I know. Jim is an extraordinary leader, but more importantly, he is a lifelong student of leadership. Leading to Greatness is a product of his decades of studying and practicing what the very best leaders do differently, and it outlines a framework to enable us—mere leadership mortals—to become great.”

—Carl Lovas, Chairman & CEO, Odgers Berndtson Canada

“Jim Reid is a person who has a passion for people, culture, values and organizational dynamics. Leading to Greatness lays out in clear, easily understandable steps, how leaders can transform their organization through a deep understanding of oneself and others in order to build teams that drive results through values and purpose.”

—John Rogers, Former CEO, MDS Inc.

“Creating a vibrant and innovative workplace demands that we harness skills that have previously been underweighted and address realities that have for a long time been ignored. These challenges require the kind of leadership that Jim brings to the table, and that I have relied on to lead our teams to success. Jim not only understands the genesis of high performance but manages to share his skills in a way that has helped me both professionally and personally. Leading to Greatness is a must-read for any leader or aspiring leader looking to make lasting impact.”

— Melinda Rogers-Hixon, Deputy Chair, Rogers Communications Inc.

Leading to Greatness is a straightforward and common-sense approach to business leadership. Jim connects with his readers by demonstrating relevant examples that clearly describe the lessons learned throughout his very impressive career.”

—Lou Serafini Jr., President and CEO, Fengate Asset Management

Leading to Greatness is both insightful and practical in bringing to the reader a platform for personal leadership development that is rich with personal insight, backed by real life storytelling and enveloped with practical guidance.”

—Alan Torrie, Board Chair and former CEO

“Jim is the most outstanding HR leader I have ever worked with. He is empathetic yet always straight and to the point with a great set of values. He epitomizes what leading by example really means when it comes to shaping a values-driven culture.”

—Dirk Woessner, CEO, CompuGroup

“In Leading to Greatness Jim Reid captivates readers by bringing together the best research on what drives high performance and how those principles have impacted him on his incredible leadership journey. Through incredible storytelling and engaging case studies, Jim describes what talented leaders do differently to achieve exceptional results.”

—Jocelyn Yacoub, CEO, Founder, Yacoub Elite Search




  • Hardcover
  • 6 × 9 inches
  • 280 pages
  • 978-1-77327-171-2
  • $36 CDN / $28 USD
  • March 2022