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The Okanagan Table

The Art of Everyday Home Cooking

Shortlisted for the Taste Canada Awards in the regional / cultural cookbook category

The Okanagan Table features 80 simple, delicious, and nourishing recipes from one of Canada’s most celebrated chefs.

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“Rod Butters is a game changer, a pioneer, and an innovator. With this book, he is helping us all cook a better future.”

—Anita Stewart, Canadian cookbook author and food activist

Book Description

Renowned for its bountiful fruit orchards, lush vineyards, and quality food artisans, the Okanagan Valley is a culinary destination steeped in local food traditions. The Okanagan Table presents a timeless collection of 80 simple and delicious recipes, which are inspired by honest flavors and seasonal local ingredients and designed for sharing with friends and family.



“The Okanagan Table, by Rod Butters is an exception. A feast for the eyes, it is user-friendly for any reasonably experienced home cook.”

—Julian Armstrong, The Montreal Gazette


  • Hardcover
  • 9 × 10 inches
  • 256 pages
  • 978-1-77327-002-9
  • $37.95 CAD / $32.95 USD
  • August 2017