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The Street-Savvy Sales Leader

A Guide to Building Teams that Consistently Win New Business

The Street Savvy Sales Leader is a toolkit for you—the sales leader who has to lead change.

Book Description

The Street Savvy Sales Leader will help you build a team, and a business, that thrives in spite of 21st-century challenges.

As a sales leader, you know your sales pipeline needs filling. You know your customers are unhappy having to “break in” new reps. You know how quickly your customers’ buying behaviour changes with increased knowledge and choices. You know that to gain new customers and keep existing ones you must continually exceed their expectations. And you know that the odds are against you: training has little correlation to ROI, and most salespeople forget 80 percent of their training within a month.

The solution? Build a team, workplace culture, and sales funnel that ensure long-term adaptability and success. Gimmick-free and packed with clear and effective advice, The Street Savvy Sales Leader uses tried-and-tested techniques from 30+ years of experience, and interviews with more than 100 sales professionals, to help you focus on the people, values, and processes that will enable your business to flourish for years to come.



“Mark has a way of expressing his Sales Leadership experience and knowledge that allows the reader to clearly understand and implement his points. The Street Savvy Sales Leader is made up of not only Mark’s own experience but that of world leaders on the topic of Sales Leadership. Selling is all about execution on the fundamentals—Mark hits the nail on the head on all key points that a Sales Leader needs to focus on in this competitive market.”

— Craig Bissett President & Founder, Hire Results Ltd.

“I have seen so many new sales managers struggle when they make the move from team member to boss. In The Street Savvy Sales Leader, Mark Welch reminds us that training our sales managers and giving them the tools to build a successful team and sharpen their own leadership skills is critical to sales success. I recommend The Street Savvy Sales Leader to anyone seeking better results from their business, their people or themselves.”

—Jeb Blount, author of People Follow You and Sales IQ

“I found the book to be a comprehensive summary of what it takes to succeed in sales, at all levels. It is a great reference tool for today’s sales leaders, and a must read for emerging sales leaders.”

—Jeff Guthrie, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Moneris

“The Street Savvy Sales Leader is a well-documented, thoughtful book that tackles the important topic of what makes an effective sales leader.  Packed with actionable insights that deliver real world value, this is a book that sales leaders need to read, contemplate and act on.”

—David Hoffeld, bestselling author of The Science of Selling

“Mark Welch has clearly covered all the bases when it comes to leading sales organizations through the complex, uncertain, changing and ambiguous world of business today. As an entrepreneur I am thrilled to have this book to turn to as I grow my sales team and my business. I love the combination of practical tools, compelling stories and, of course, the section on coaching that is so important to growing a strong healthy team. I highly recommend The Street-Savvy Sales Leader to entrepreneurs and sales leaders alike, anyone trying to build a flourishing sales culture should read this book!”

—Susan Pahl, Founder and CEO, Shift Coaching Inc.



  • Hardcover
  • 6 × 9 inches
  • 336 pages
  • 978-1-77327-044-9
  • $34.95 / $28.95 USD
  • September 2018
  • also available as an ebook