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Gig Mindset Advantage, The

Why a Bold New Breed of Employee is Your Organization’s Secret Weapon in Volatile Times

In a turbulent age roiled by a global pandemic, political shocks, and other upheavals, companies and organizations need to look beyond technological solutions to ensure resilience. But what resources can managers and executives rely on in a relentlessly dynamic and uncertain world?


Building on 20 years of experience as a strategic adviser to global organizations and over a decade of research into workforce culture and digital transformation, renowned analyst Jane McConnell shows that gig-mindset employees—the innovators and disruptors in your organization—offer both a template for a new way of working and a crucial key to the future.

Book Description

Companies and organizations around the world are being confronted with alarming challenges: political instability, climate change, a global pandemic. In these unsettled times, organizational analyst and strategic adviser Jane McConnell reveals a secret weapon for managers and executives: the overlooked group of employees that share “the gig mindset.”

Too long stifled by managers who don’t understand them, gig-mindset employees are disruptors who upend business as usual. With their freelancer-like ability to adapt, innovate, and chart new directions, gig mindsetters offer organizations a crucial key to the future.

In The Gig Mindset Advantage, McConnell brings over a decade of research into workforce culture, organizational strategy, and digital transformation to bear on this new breed of employee, whose way of working is a wake-up call to managers and executives—and a bold new pathway toward long-term success and resilience.

Check out Bold New Breed, a podcast with Jane McConnell for people on the edge.


“This book is a breakthrough!” —Jessica Lipnack, coauthor of The Age of the Network and Virtual Teams

“Recognizing and encouraging rebels and gig-mindset people is the only way to realize the extraordinary possibilities of digital transformation and the future of work. For all of us individually, cultivating our gig mindsets is the only way to grow and find meaning in our work. Jane McConnell has written the book on how to speed this transition from old to new ways of working and to being able to bring our real selves to work.” —Lois Kelly, cofounder of the Rebels at Work movement and coauthor of Rebels at Work: A Handbook for Leading Change from Within

“Loaded with practical techniques and invaluable tips, The Gig Mindset Advantage is an eye-opening, useful read for leaders and employees alike.” —Dan Pontefract, bestselling author of Lead. Care. Win.: How to Become a Leader Who Matters

“In her provocative new book, Jane McConnell’s deeply researched exploration of the origins, evolution, and implications of the gig mindset offers leaders and managers actionable insights into the realities of today’s and tomorrow’s workplaces.” —Jon Husband, founder of Wirearchy

“At once a manifesto and an action plan that details how a range of humane and inclusive behaviors, traits, and principles can re-make diverse teams and businesses into more resilient, innovative, and purposeful organizations.” —David Slocum, academic director at Rare with Google

“Will inspire individuals to lead no matter what their title, and help organizations create a more agile, collaborative culture.” —John Stepper, author of Working Out Loud

“Challenges us to think about the future of our organizations, and, more importantly, of our people, in a way that transcends cultures and structures.” —Stéphane Aknin, VP of Creative & Content at Prudential Financial, Inc.

The Gig Mindset Advantage is a compass for business, and Jane McConnell is the scout that every executive should tap to help them find their way to the future of work.” —Chris Shipley, coauthor of The Adaptation Advantage: Let Go, Learn Fast, and Thrive in the Future of Work

“A must-read for anyone who wants to stay relevant and for any leader who wants to ensure the future of their organization.”—Frédérique Thiriet-Smith, change and learning expert at BASF

“Change is afoot in the world of work and the gig mindset is an important harbinger of that change. This book examines it from many angles and offers compelling ways to adapt. A must-read for every talent professional.” —Kavi Arasu, director of Learning and Change at Founding Fuel

“Now more than ever a gig mindset is a requirement for those seeking to make a greater impact within their company, especially during times of change. Whether you are an individual contributor, a team manager, or a CEO, you will be sure to gain new insight and understanding here.” —Kristen J. McCormack, Boston University Questrom School of Business

“In the ‘future of work’ canon, The Gig Mindset Advantage is a rare treat.” —Jonathan Anthony, author of Dis!Organize: An Intrapreneur’s Guide to Making a Bigger Difference at Work

“Jane McConnell explores how the gig mindset allows us to focus on ourselves, our real needs, and the contribution we want to bring to the world. Her research and stories show how each of us can play a role in building a gig-mindset ecosystem in our organizations and open a new world of opportunities.” —Marc Bramoullé, director of Knowledge Management at Ubisoft






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  • May 2021