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Deal Announcement: “Grand Complications”

Exciting announcement from Figure 1 Publishing. We will be releasing Grand Complications: 50 Guitars & 50 Stories from Inlay Artist William “Grit” Laskin this fall. It is a look inside guitarmaker William “Grit” Laskin’s creative process—how he teases out a client’s interests and intentions, how he develops and refines his ideas, and how he brings them to life in his mind and on paper. Laskin is a master guitarmaker, a musician and songwriter, an artist and a storyteller. For more than forty-five years, he’s been hand-building guitars for such luminaries as Stan Rogers, Jesse Cook, Rik Emmett, and k.d. lang, inlaying many of these instruments with his personalized designs.

A member of the Order of Canada, winner of the Saidye Bronfman Award for Excellence (Canada’s most prestigious craft award), and founder of Borealis Records, Laskin is a true craftsman and his insights make fascinating reading for lovers of art, music—and the creative process.

March 9, 2016
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