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Deal Announcement: “Into the Arctic”

With a backpack full of painting, filming and camping gear, Cory Trépanier traversed more than 60,000 kilometres through six Arctic national parks and 16 Arctic communities—and exploring many more places in between—in a biosphere so remote and untouched that most of its vast landscape had never been painted before.

Into the Arctic represents the most ambitious body of artwork ever dedicated to the Canadian Arctic. Featuring vivid and unforgettable imagery and engaging essays that will inspire and educate, this collection enables readers to experience Cory’s evocative and authentic vision of a land that few have had the opportunity to even visit, let alone preserve on canvas. This is a place where remoteness no longer offers the protection it once did from an uncertain future that will impact us all.

Releasing fall 2021.

March 10, 2021
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