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Deal Announcement: “Rise Up: Leadership Habits for Turbulent Times”

Rise Up is a call to action for business leaders across the globe to look within, accept that they are not great, understand their motivation to be great, and to put a plan in place to become great.

Through decades of firsthand experience and a deep knowledge of the best science on the subject, leadership experts Ali Grovue and Mike Watson have identified six habits that all resilient leaders have developed. These habits foster trust, drive engagement, and create ownership and accountability. It is only in the act of enabling individuals and teams to be the best versions of themselves in pursuit of noble goals that a leader will truly be great.

Through a mix of introspective personal stories and accounts of real resilient leadership in action, readers will navigate each of the six habits and come away with an understanding of how to enact them in their own unique experiences. The six habits of resilient leaders are:

  • Inquisitiveness: Be present, ask questions, and listen deliberately.
  • Optimism: Optimism allows good things to happen.
  • Trust: Mutual trust is essential. If your team does not trust you, you cannot succeed.
  • Discipline: Establish direction, outline consequences, then act in a disciplined manner.
  • Courage: Follow your convictions. Defining moments will arise when your values conflict with others.
  • Humility: One person cannot do the job alone. Only together, as collaborators, can you achieve great results.

Resilient leadership starts with you. Your behaviour is the most important factor in determining your organization’s ability to be resilient. Choose to rise up!

Available May 2022.


August 13, 2021
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