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Deal Announcement: Safe to Great

In Safe to Great, consultant, keynote speaker, and author Skip Bowman outlines how in a volatile time of climate crisis, global pandemics, and disruptive technologies, leaders may find themselves clinging to fear-based mindsets that favor individualism over collectivism—inadvertently controlling their teams rather than inspiring genuine commitment in them. To navigate uncertainty and seize emerging opportunities, Bowman suggests leaders must move toward a more facilitative, enabling approach that centers on purpose before profit and the team before the individual. Leaders must implement—in themselves and their teams—a growth mindset based on the core concept of psychological safety. Bowman’s model unites theory and practice in a set of principles designed to meet the opportunities and challenges of leading and organizing in the twenty-first century and beyond. Acquired by Associate Publisher + Vice President, Steve Cameron. Releasing Fall 2023.

May 8, 2023
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