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Deal Announcement: “Under Different Moons: African Art in Conversation”

Under Different Moons: African Art in Conversation, by Dr. Anthony Shelton, director of the Museum of Anthropology at UBC, is the first book to focus on the museum’s Africa collection. It coincides with an exhibition of the same name, both of which aim to stimulate a discussion among thinkers, makers, and collectors, especially among African and diasporic communities, about the histories and interpretations of these objects. In addition to Dr. Shelton’s comprehensive ethnographic account of the objects, Under Different Moons includes essays by Titilope Salami, assistant lecturer at the University of Lagos, on ritual in contemporary Nigerian art; and by Dr. Nuno Porto, curator of Africa and South America at MOA, who tackles the complex and intertwined issues of restitution and the art market in relation to specific objects from the collection. Releasing spring 2021.

July 3, 2020
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