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Decor inspiration for telling your own story

Covet Garden is a monthly online lifestyle magazine which gives readers a rare peek into the homes of people who have decorated their own living spaces with imagination and ingenuity. Covet Garden leaves no stone (or cushion) unturned in their quest to feature fresh and distinctive interiors by creative people.

The folks at Covet Garden decided that a special print edition was necessary, dedicated to helping people tell their own story with creative design. It brings favourite interiors from back issues plus brand-new rooms to illustrate how to adapt your home to your evolving life story.

We put the following questions to the editors of Covet Garden Home. They are Lynda Felton (co-editor, content lead, stylist), Jessica Reid (co-editor, creative director) & Rhonda Riche (co-editor, features editor, writer).

How did the Covet Garden team meet?

RHONDA: We all worked together at a magazine that no longer exists. Covet Garden was a natural outgrowth of becoming friends, hanging out together, talking about what our perfect publication would be and then making it happen.

What attracts you to a space?

LYNDA: I love spaces that tell the story of the person who lives there. When someone fills their space with items that are special to them, things they love – that make them smile this my kind of space.
RHONDA: A good home is like a book you can’t put down — it’s filled with history and character. I can’t resist places that seem like an extension of the people who live in them.
JESSICA: We all like a space that reflects the passion and interests of those who live there. My particular fondness is for a home that has a good shot of colour and personality. I am not a fan of the beige and overly-minimal. I want to see people’s things—the objects they have collected over the course of their life that have real meaning to them. It doesn’t hurt if they have a whole lot of amazing textiles too!

Lynda: How did you feel having your home featured in Covet Garden Home?

LYNDA: Honored.

In a sentence how would you describe your home?

LYNDA: Girly gothic nature lover.
RHONDA: A colorful crazy quilt of art, books and yard sale finds.
JESSICA: A work-in-progress, my home is comfortable, lived-in and full of treasured fabrics and amazing art done by my daughter!

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June 24, 2014
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