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Excerpt: “Higher”

Charles Hanna wrote his book, Higher: Awaken to a More Fulfilling Life in order to pass on his life lessons, not just his life story. He hopes others will find their own Higher Perspective, Power and Purpose after hearing how his journey took him to the extremes of despair and success and ultimately towards spiritual understanding.

Benefits of a Daily Routine

Sometimes we do not have the ability to standardize or structure our daily routine, either because of responsibilities or simply because we enjoy the freedom of being unstructured. Nevertheless, it is good to remember that there are significant benefits to having a structured routine.

I therefore started to plan my daily routine and soon began to realize that there were more benefits than I’d first imagined. For example, I set aside two hours every morning for writing. Now, I was always stressed about not writing and one evening I was overcome by anxiety that I could not afford to lounge around as I was doing at the time. Then it struck me that I already had adequate time allocated for writing every morning, and suddenly I felt an unfamiliar relief that allowed me to relax and enjoy the moment. Similarly, on another day, I could not write in my allocated time and thought, “Was I wrong to assume that I can follow my routine?” Once again, I found myself thinking, “I have every morning forever allocated to writing, so what’s the big deal if I do not feel like writing today or the next?”

These two experiences helped me realize how doing the same thing every day yields serenity in unexpected ways. I am sure this serenity will not only endure but also grow over time in ways that I cannot even predict. Here are some of the most important benefits I’ve found from having a set daily routine that focuses on doing the same thing at the same time and for the same duration every day:

• It is much easier to master one schedule to manage our time and activities. Our routine becomes second nature and easy to follow and we are far less likely to infringe on or compromise any priorities.

• We can live in the moment. When we do not worry about things at other times, we are able to focus on what we are doing now because everything that matters is already accounted for and has its proper time allocation.

• Having a detailed routine engages our mind fully in the moment and this helps us from wandering back into distracted living and thinking of other things.

• We will be able to live to the fullest every day by incorporating all that is significant, as guided by our prayer of thanks for all our most valued gifts. You will be stunned at how much time, money, and energy is wasted and what you will save with proper planning. You will effectively add years of fulfillment to your life.

• We can spend each day as if it is our last. We will not fear death without complete fulfillment because each day will be the day. This will add significantly to our sense of joy and serenity.

• We can make changes or additions to our schedule, such as a new relationship, more easily while preserving and not compromising those times and events that are key to our personal grounding.

• A stable and predictable daily routine is intrinsic to human nature. It will provide significant serenity that endures and grows over time. We can deviate but then go right back to our schedule, always knowing where to pick up and what to do every hour of every day.

Higher: Awaken to a More Fulfilling Life is available now.

March 10, 2016
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