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Excerpt: “The Little Island Bake Shop” Preface


A Note from a Baker

I’ve come to realize that the best thing about baking is making people happy. It humbles me to know that something I have made with love has the power to comfort, lift moods and trigger nostalgia. I get immense satisfaction and reward from seeing others enjoy my recipes.

Baking, you see, is as much about feeding someone’s heart and soul as it is about nourishing their body. It’s science and it’s art, but it’s also kindness and generosity—have you noticed that you never bake something for just one person? Whether it’s a pie or a tray of cookies, baking is always meant to be shared.

My baking isn’t fussy. It’s classic and crave-worthy, good and good for you, which is why most of these recipes are low in sugar and can easily be made gluten-free. And even though I’m a trained pastry chef, you don’t need to be one to make these recipes—most, if not all, are as accessible as they are delicious.

People say my baking is the best they’ve ever had, and they ask: What is it that makes it so fantastic? It’s too corny to say that there’s love in it, but there’s love in it.

Jana Roerick

The Little Island Bake Shop: Heirloom Recipes Made for Sharing by Jana Roerick available in book stores March 2019.

January 24, 2019
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