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Excerpt: “Uncommon Sense”

Uncommon Sense by Jill Harrington is the personal sales coach you need to shift your thinking, shift your habits, and shift your performance to new heights. Here’s an excerpt from the book which breaks through all the common nonsense and which was awarded gold for best sales and marketing book by Top Sales World in 2017:

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Selling isn’t rocket science. It is common sense. The problem with common sense is that it’s regularly missing in action, and doing dumb things costs you time, energy, and business. The net results are slower sales cycles, profit-crushing negotiations, and lost deals, all of which hit your company’s bottom line—and your own.

This book delivers counterintuitive thinking that highlights the idiocy of “Always Be Closing” and offers up a new set of selling ABCs that lead to bigger, faster sales. It eliminates sales clichés such as “elevator pitches,” “unique value,” and “closing techniques” from the smart salesperson’s vocabulary. It will remind you that, despite the rampant advances of technology and social media, buying decisions are made by human beings. And human beings are icky gooey unpredictable individuals with their own unique perspectives.

This book will catapult you into the realization that finding the answers to all of your big hairy sales challenges requires you to shift the way you think. Every section shines a light on the common nonsense causing salespeople to unwittingly exacerbate their biggest challenges. And each delivers the uncommon sense and practical behaviors necessary to drive the sale forward.

This book is not intended to replace or compete with all of the extraordinary books written on the subject of selling. It is my intent that those books will become more valuable to you after reading Uncommon Sense. The goal of this book is to stimulate thought and provoke change. It does not focus on the complex sale, the sales process, or the sales conversation. Where other books focus on “to do,” this book focuses on “undo.” You’ll want to keep it front and center on your desk, tablet, or car seat as a personal go-to coach that will reset your thinking as you prepare for that challenging call, first client meeting, or important presentation.

The fundamental truth is this: Your results are driven by your actions. Your actions are driven by how you think. When you change how you think, you change your results—it’s all uncommon sense.

January 11, 2018
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