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Go Figure! Get to know Mark Redmayne – Marketing Manager

What is your favourite part of working with authors?

No two authors are alike. I enjoy learning about their world, be it leadership or a specific topic such as Sephardic Jews or ice cream making!

What’s your first piece of advice that you give to authors when you meet them?

To start building their profile as soon as possible. The aim early on is to boost their brand visibility and make it easier and faster for their target audience, and even the general public, to discover and connect with them, their brand, and their book.

Do you have a book recommendation?

The Body by Bill Bryson. I don’t know why I picked it up as I don’t typically read non-fiction, particularly about biology, but Bryson’s anecdotes made for a fun and fascinating read. Now I’m that person who walks around quoting facts about yawning, DNA, and shedding skin.

How many books (approximately) do you own?

I’m in the middle of moving and my back tells me far too many!

What is your favourite book-to-movie adaptation?

The Hours by Michael Cunningham and written for the screen by the brilliant playwright David Hare. Each of the parallel stories is captivating and it features some of the finest acting, including Nicole Kidman’s Oscar-winning role as Virginia Woolf.

Now for the juicy questions . . . do you use a bookmark or dog-ear the pages? Do you write in books?

I will literally gasp if I see writing in a book unless it’s a textbook and even then I struggle with it. Bookmark always.

February 17, 2022
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