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Jessica Sullivan Joins Ownership Group

Chris Labonté and Richard Nadeau are delighted to announce that Jessica Sullivan has joined the ownership group and board of directors of Figure 1 Publishing. Sullivan is one of the most decorated book designers in the country, and has been recognized most recently with an Applied Arts award for complete book design. She has won dozens of Alcuin Awards for Excellence in Book Design and a Canadian Booksellers Association Libris Award for book design.

“Jess is one of the most gifted book designers in North America, especially when it comes to complex illustrated books,” says Labonté, Publisher and President of Figure 1. “She brings a unique perspective to our board, one that draws on her creative strengths and very high standards. She is shrewd, thoughtful and well-prepared, and Figure 1 is stronger for it.”

Sullivan joined Figure 1 in March of 2014 as Creative Director, and has since designed or directed the design of more than thirty titles. She also created Figure 1’s new brand identity and developed its website.

Nadeau said, “We are delighted to have Jess as a partner in the company and know that her design expertise will be crucial to the long-term success of Figure 1”.


June 27, 2016
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