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Lara Smith: Fashion Tips

Metal Monday

This is a great look for incorporating the effects of an exciting weekend into the early work week. #HellsBells!


Tie Tuesday

On day two, I like to show some snap. It’s a good day to schedule meetings.


Wallet Chain Wednesday

The wallet and chain represent wealth, generosity and fiscal responsibility. Cut P.O.s and approve invoices on this day—and then go out for lunch.


Theme Thursday

Encourage creativity and fresh perspective by stepping out of your regular self. This is a great day for concept meetings.


Flip-flop Friday

If the office is getting stuffy by the end of the week, I choose a simple black flip-flop to cool my jets (which works with almost any outfit).


What’s good for every day of the week, a thing of unparalleled versatility and comfort, and a must for every wardrobe: the black hoodie.

Lara works with our freelance editors, print suppliers and book-industry organizations to manage editorial and print production at Figure 1. She’s an alumna of Emily Carr University of Art + Design and Simon Fraser University, and has twenty years’ experience in the printing and book publishing industries. She figures that some of the best things in life are dogs, tools, bicycling, and breakfast cereal.

November 7, 2017
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