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May 2, 2018

Q&A: Chef Corbin Tomaszeski, author of “In Good Company”

Corbin Tomaszeski is a chef who brings meaning back to the world of food. As a reputable chef who has hosted popular Food Network shows such as “Dinner Party Wars,” “Restaurant Makeover,” and “Restaurant Takeover,” Chef Corbin loves to communicate through food. His new cookbook, In Good Company: Easy Recipes for Everyday Gatherings is available now.


How do you normally start your day?

I work out for an hour from 6-7 am 3 times a week and all week days I get all three of our boys ready and off to school.  This entails preparation of breakfast for everyone, making kids lunches and then school drop off.  All while drinking a good cup of coffee.

What are you reading at the moment? 

The Illegal by Lawrence Hill.

What’s your favourite go-to ingredient?

Fresh avocados and dry cumin seeds.

What food is your guilty pleasure?

Plain fried Kettle Chips

Who has influenced your cooking the most? 

The very first Chef I worked under was Chef Dion (back when I was in Edmonton). I apprenticed under him and he helped shape my career.

Is there a food you can’t bring yourself to eat?

Kidney Beans

What should readers expect from your new cookbook, In Good Company?

Expect to see easy to follow recipes with some incredible stories and inspiration. The recipes from my family are especially near and dear to me. They remind me of my childhood.