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Q&A: Jennifer Bakody, author of “Radio Okapi Kindu”

Jennifer Bakody is a freelance journalist who’s spent the last twenty years working for CNN, Radio France Internationale, CBC, UN, and BBC, in Canada, the Congo, Haiti, Hong Kong, London, Paris, and the Philippines. She grew up in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and studied journalism at the University of King’s College in Halifax. Her new book, Radio Okapi Kindu: The Station That Helped Bring Peace to the Congo, is available now.

What adjective best describes you?


You clearly enjoy travelling. What is your favourite place you’ve visited and why?

Never been anywhere I didn’t like! Palawan, in the Philippines remains special for us as a family, because it was our daughter’s first trip abroad.

In two sentences or less, can you tell readers something unique about your line of work?

Being a journalist stroke humanitarian tends to give you a strong desire for travel and an appreciation of home.

If I weren’t a journalist I would be…

…an entrepreneur.

How did you find the process of writing Radio Okapi Kindu?

Long! Emotional. Rewarding.

What do you hope readers will take away after reading the book?

I hope the book gives non-African readers yet another reason to go and explore this vast, stunning and diverse continent. I also hope the book provokes thought on the role that journalism plays in our lives and in the overall health of our societies.

May 4, 2017
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