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Q&A: Kim Dorland

Our Q&A series continues with Kim Dorland, one of Canada’s most intriguing contemporary artists. Named one of the Globe and Mail’s Globe Arts’ Artists of the Year in 2013, Dorland has captured the public’s imagination with his visceral creations. The book, Kim Dorland, is visually stunning and artistically bold, exploring the mind and work of this tour de force artist.

How do you normally start your day?

With lots of strong coffee. I get my kids to school, exercise and then head to the studio with the dog.

What adjective best describes you?

People use “intense” a lot. I like to think I’m a little warmer and fuzzier than that.

Do you like to travel? If so, what is your favourite place you’ve visited and why?

I love traveling anywhere but if I had to pick I’d have to say I’m a sucker for cottaging in Canada. My wife’s family owned a cabin in Northern Saskatchewan that has a lot of great memories. We took our kids on a trip to Algonquin Park for inspiration before my McMichael show – canoeing, visit to Tom Thomson’s grave – it was pretty incredible.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I don’t get inspiration from one place, it comes from many different sources: my environment, my memory, my family, music, movies, other painters….

In two sentences or less, can you tell readers something unique about your line of work?

I am basically unemployable so I would never survive in an office. I get to go to my own space everyday, show up when I want, work for as long as I feel like, make a mess, swear and do what I love.

Kim Dorland is available now in bookstores.


January 25, 2016
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