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The Unstoppable Franchisee awarded Bronze Axiom Award

Figure 1 Publishing is delighted to share that Gary Prenevost, author of The Unstoppable Franchisee: 7 Drivers of Next-Level Growth has received a 2024 Axiom Business Book Award.

Prenevost’s book, which challenges current thinking about franchise ownership and management, received the Bronze award in the Entrepreneurship category.

With 35 years of entrepreneurial experience in several different companies, Prenevost is one of North America’s top franchise consultants. In his book, he asserts that any franchisee—regardless of brand, system, or market experience—can progressively scale their business if they apply seven key growth drivers:

  • Grow a Next-Level Mindset
  • Grow Your Awareness
  • Grow Your Operational Management Skills
  • Grow Your People
  • Master the System
  • Grow Your Interdependence
  • Cultivate the Neural Network of Your Business

Learn more about The Unstoppable Franchisee here.

March 18, 2024
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