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Beverley Patwell

Beverley Patwell is the president and founder of Patwell Consulting Inc. Her focus for over 30 years has been on helping people learn about, lead, and achieve meaningful change and transformation in their lives, at work, and in organizations and communities.

Her approach to change has been used by individuals, teams, and organizations around the world in the private, public, and plural sectors.

Beverley is a consultant, coach, professor, and academic practitioner who specializes in leadership, coaching, organizational development, and change. She is the recipient of the International Coach Federation’s Prism Award for Executive Coaching.

In addition to her consulting work, she serves as a professor at the University of Notre Dame, Queen’s University, and Concordia University, where she teaches courses on leading change. She is a partner with CoachingOurselves and a facilitation partner with ExperiencePoint.

Beverley is the co-author with Edith Whitfield Seashore of Triple Impact Coaching: Use-of-Self in the Coaching Process and the CoachingOurselves topic Coaching Others. She has also written numerous professional articles on leadership, coaching, and transformation that have been published in the Organizational Development Journal (ISOD), Queen’s University IRC publications, and other journals.

Beverley was born in Montreal, Quebec, and now resides in Victoria, British Columbia, with her husband Don.

Further information about Patwell Consulting can be found at Beverley can be contacted at

Photographer: Don Boyd

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