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Eli Bornstein

Eli Bornstein, artist, teacher, writer, publisher was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1922. Starting in the mid-1950s, while teaching art at the University of Saskatchewan, he became one of the leading practitioners of Structurist art, which evolved from his study of the Modernist tradition from Impressionism and Cézanne and through to Russian Constructivism, and Mondrian. Although he builds his Structurist reliefs using the abstract language of colour and three-dimensional geometric form, they are dedicated to the study of nature and its biological processes.

In 1960 he founded the internationally circulating periodical, The Structurist, published out of the University of Saskatchewan, to which he regularly contributed art historical and theoretical essays. The Structurist ran for 50 years (Nos. 1–50, 1960–2010), with an anniversary issue (Nos. 51/52, 2019/2020). Over the years he has also completed major commissions for public art located in Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg and Bremen, Germany.

Eli Bornstein