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Kluane First Nation

Kluane First Nation is one of eleven self-governing First Nations in the Yukon. The traditional territory of the Lhùʼààn Mân Ku Dań (Kluane Lake People) extends from the shores of Lhùʼààn Mân (Kluane Lake) northeast to the Ruby and Nisling mountain ranges and southwest to the St. Elias Mountains. Most First Nations people from this area identify as descendants of Southern Tutchone speakers and follow a matriarchal moiety system with two clans, Kajèt (Crow Clan) and Agunda (Wolf Clan). Other ancestors came from Tlingit, Upper Tanana, and Northern Tutchone communities. Kluane First Nation signed their Final and Self-Governing Agreements in October 2003. The government is located in Burwash Landing, a small, primarily First Nations community in the southwest Yukon.

Lhù’ààn Mân Keyí Dań Kwánje Nààtsat