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Good Lands, The

Canada Through the Eyes of Artists

Victoria Dickenson et al.

Through the works of Canada’s artists—both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, historical and contemporary—we are invited to see our country with new eyes.

This book celebrates this country and honours the beauty and power of our shared spaces. In looking through the eyes of our artists, we are reminded that the land holds us, not we the land, and that we share our territories with other sentient beings, with trees and grass, with rocks and rivers.

Book Description

Fifty years ago, Canada celebrated its hundredth anniversary of Confederation. At Expo 67, in communities across the country, we celebrated our coming of age as a modern, bilingual, bicultural nation—a place where anyone from any culture could thrive.

But beneath the applause and the cheerful music was a darker note. In his public address at the festivities, Chief Dan George lamented what Canada’s centennial did not celebrate: the colonization and marginalization of Indigenous peoples who lived on these “good lands.” Now in the year of Canada’s 150th birthday, we honour a new understanding of our past. We have begun—at long last—to share in a process of national reconciliation and to come together to reimagine our contribution to a global future.

Artists give form and meaning to both the land and the invisible landscape of the spirit, both the past and the future. The works of Canada’s artists—both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, historical and contemporary—invite us to see our country and our place within it with new eyes. This book celebrates their visions, as well as the good lands we have shared and shaped for millennia that, in turn, have shaped us.

We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada.

The Good Lands Artists Walks are developed in collaboration with Trans Canada Trail, creators of The Great Trail. The Great Trail spans 24,000 km from coast to coast to coast and touches over 15,000 communities. It offers a wide range of outdoor experiences on both land and water.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of The Good Lands: Canada through the Eyes of Artists, will be contributed to the Walrus Foundation to support the inclusion of works by Indigenous artists in the Walrus Magazine and on the Walrus website.

  • hardcover
  • 11 x 10 inches
  • 288 pages
  • 978-1-77327-024-1
  • $60
  • November 2017