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Laurier Lacroix

Dr. Laurier Lacroix C.M. (Montreal, QC) is professor emeritus of the Faculty of Arts at the University du Québec à Montréal, where he taught art history and museum studies. His research interests focus on public collections and art from Quebec and Canada before 1940. Among his accomplishments are numerous exhibitions and catalogues, such as Painting in Montreal between 1915 and 1930 (1996) and The Arts in New France (2012), as well as retrospective exhibitions devoted to Ozias Leduc (1978 and 1996) and Marc-Aurèle de Foy Suzor-Coté (1986 and 2002). Lacroix received the Prix Carrière of the Société des musées québécois (1997) and the Prix Gérard-Morisset (2008) from the Quebec government. He is a member of the Société des Dix and the Académie des lettres du Québec.

The Good Lands