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Mike Leyne shortlisted for Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence

The Editors’ Association of Canada (Editors Canada) has announced the finalists for the 2020 Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence and we are delighted to announce that our senior editor, Mike Leyne has been shortlisted for his work on the Susan Point title, People Among the People. The prestigious prize is¬†presented annually by Editors Canada to an exceptional editor who played an important role in the success of a project completed in English or French.

According to the Editors’ Association of Canada, “Michael Leyne brought considerable skills to the full-length art book¬†People Among the People: The Public Art of Susan Point, working with a first-time author and with Coast Salish artist Susan Point. Showing sound editorial judgment, he suggested organizing the material geographically rather than chronologically and increased the artist’s voice by posing questions and working her responses into the text; he also introduced readers to many Musqueam words. Finally, he worked closely with the creative team on the illustrations to ensure a high-quality final product.”


May 21, 2020
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