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Araxi Cookbook Photo Shoot

Creative Director Jess Sullivan filed this report on her recent photo shoot for the upcoming Araxi Restaurant & Oyster Bar cookbook:


The photo shoot has begun for the upcoming Araxi cook book project. The restaurant is located in Whistler Village and the weather could not have been more cooperative.

Photographers Alison Page and Issha Marie can be seen here, hard at work on set in the restaurant. They make a fabulous team, full of great ideas, loads of talent, and together created an open, collaborative vibe that was both refreshing and inspiring.

Our area was surrounded on all sides by the very tempting Araxi wine stores. Here you can see the prop table, an almost finished shot and chef James Walt putting the finishing touches on another dish.

James’ dedication, preparedness and kind spirit was very much enjoyed by one and all. He and his team were also very gracious hosts and served us lunch in the dining room each day—meals that could only incite jealousy from even the best of us!! Thank you James for everything.

Stay tuned for Week Two!


October 28, 2015
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