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Resurrecting Retail

The Future of Business in a Post-Pandemic World

Few crises in modern history have so completely disrupted society and the economy as the COVID-19 pandemic. Every market, industry, and service has been rocked by it. In Resurrecting Retail, international best-selling author and futurist Doug Stephens assesses the many ways the crisis has reshaped consumer life forever—and offers an inspiring vision for brands and business leaders looking not only to survive but to thrive in the new reality.

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“In his inimitably frank and straightforward way, Doug outlines ten key archetypes for retail executives and marketers to consider as they grapple with how to reimagine retail for a post-pandemic world.”

—Imran Amed, Founder and CEO of The Business of Fashion

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Resurrecting Retail is the story of the unprecedented crash of an industry—and a road map for its rebirth.

Few crises in modern history have so completely disrupted every aspect of daily life as the COVID-19 pandemic. Every market, industry, profession, service, and category of product has in some way been rocked by its impact.

The crisis has not only amplified trends that were already in place, but has also created a unique evolutionary window of opportunity for the “apex predators” in the retail landscape, Amazon, Alibaba,, and Walmart.

In Resurrecting Retail, international best-selling author and retail futurist Doug Stephens provides a comprehensive and surprising assessment of how the crisis has accelerated the reshaping of consumer life—and offers an actionable and inspiring vision for brands and business leaders looking not only to survive but to thrive in the new reality.




“Readers should rush out to buy his book.”


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“A vivid and meticulously researched picture of the post-COVID landscape and a strategic roadmap for retailers across all categories.”

—Christina Fontana, Head of Fashion and Luxury for Tmall, US and Europe

“Clears the fog around a post-pandemic retail landscape, and shines a spotlight on resilient retailers who will find a way to thrive within it.”

—Harley Finkelstein, president, Shopify

“Presents retailers and landlords with a comprehensive view into the future of our industry, offering practical advice about how we can not just survive, but thrive in a post-pandemic world.”

—Mark C. Toro, Chairman, North American Properties

“In a time of massive upheaval in retail, Doug Stephens not only astutely identifies the core issues retailers now face, but provides a set of answers, directions, and key retail archetypes from which to learn. If you want to resurrect your retailing for a new era, then pay attention to his conclusion: ‘Every company is an experience company.’”

—B. Joseph Pine II, co-author of The Experience Economy: Competing for Customer Time, Attention, and Money


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  • April 2021
  • also available as an ebook