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The Emotionally Strong Leader

An Inside-Out Journey to Transformational Leadership

The Emotionally Strong Leader will teach you the emotional skills you need to lead to your highest potential, backed by science and grounded in decades of in-the-field experience.

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“You can be emotional and strong; they are not mutually exclusive.”


Book Description

Transform your workplace and your impact by leading from the inside-out.

We need leaders who understand and manage their emotions, who know why they do what they do, who aren’t afraid to admit to mistakes, and who are genuine and caring. We need leaders who use the information their feelings provide them to help make informed, rational decisions—especially when the stakes are high.

We need leaders who are both emotional and strong.

By learning to lead from the inside-out, you will connect more authentically and communicate more effectively with your colleagues and teams, and by doing so, you’ll create a workplace environment of trust and belonging that will spur engagement, spike curiosity, and engender fraternity.

This is what leading with emotional intelligence can do for you.

Carolyn Stern’s six-step self-coaching model—adapted from EI courses she’s developed for major universities and corporations across North America—is backed by decades of field experience and top science on emotions and behavior. Stern’s model will enable you to uncover your barriers to growth and change, set personal goals, and tap into your motivation, which will dramatically impact your performance, results, and happiness.

Simply put, The Emotionally Strong Leader will turn the way you think about leading and leadership on its head.



  • Hardcover
  • 6 × 9 inches
  • 288 pages
  • 978-1-77327-168-2
  • $36 CDN / $28 USD
  • September 2022