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Cover Reveal: “Super Strategist”

Super Strategist: The Art and Science of Modern Account Planning is the only modern guide to, arguably, advertising’s most vital discipline. Creative is still king, but in today’s fractured markets clients need to feel confident that their multimillion-dollar campaigns will be disruptive, purpose driven, and culturally relevant—and, critically, supported by up-to-the-minute research and data-driven insights. Whether it’s called account planning, brand planning, strategic planning, or creative strategy, the goal is the same: to inspire brilliant ideas backed by rigor and data.

Written with the passion and wisdom of an active industry veteran, Super Strategist is full of practical advice, strategies, and insights to help newcomers and experienced planners alike find that perfect balance of art and science. Readers will find clear outlines of the role of account planners within an agency, including step-by-step plans to achieve success with clients large and small: how to conduct modern consumer research, and develop and implement the creative brief; use data skillfully to protect and improve great work; and use all of these tools and more to influence the feather in the planner’s cap—the customer journey.

The advertising industry is only as successful as the strength of the work it puts out into the world. As Douglas Atkin (author of The Culting of Brands and former global head of community, Airbnb) writes in the “Foreword,” the work must be “idea-led, but consumer-informed.” It’s about finding the balance—and there is no person better qualified to lead this quest than the Super Strategist.

Releasing May 4th in Canada and April 27th in the U.S.

January 15, 2021
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