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Deal Announcement: Charles Gagnon

One of the few Canadian multidisciplinary artists of his generation, Charles Gagnon was one of the most important and inspiring figures in Quebec and Canadian art in the 20th century.

In Charles Gagnon the artist’s various practices, from painting to photography to film, are each considered in this authoritative volume. An English-language essay by noted art historian and curator Roald Nasgaard chronicles Gagnon’s artistic evolution from his early years in New York in the 1950s to his final productive years in the late 1990s in Quebec. Filmmaker and professor Olivier Asselin’s French-language essay engages Gagnon’s use of different media, including the role of sound and music in his artworks.

Together with more than 200 art reproductions and archival images, Charles Gagnon is a portrait of an artist and the celebration of a life’s work.

Coming Spring 2025.

February 13, 2024
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