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Deal Announcement: “The Complete Plate”

Figure 1 Publishing is pleased to announce the release of The Complete Plate by Lauren Klukas in January 2018. Featuring meal plans for a caloric diet of 1,500, 2,000, and 2,500 calories, The Complete Plate shows that weight maintenance, and weight loss, can be achieved through a balanced diet of ingredients that come together to meet both nutritional and caloric demands. It features 30 daily meal plans with each day perfectly balanced to provide 100% of your macro and micro nutrient needs, based on current daily recommended intake (DRI) values.

The 90 recipes range from an indulgent “Coconut and Flax Seed French Toast” to a savory “Portobello and Prosciutto Pizza” to a nourishing “Creamy Corn, Ham, and Roast Pepper Chowder,” and include additional snacks so that readers are satiated and energized throughout the day.

Lauren Klukas was a competitive swimmer and personal trainer who was diagnosed with a rare heart condition known as arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC), which prevents her from any physical activity. She began to look at ways to successfully manage weight through proper nutrition and created The Complete Plate. This is Lauren’s first cookbook and she currently lives in Calgary, Alberta, with her husband and daughter.

The book will be available as a paperback and e-book.

April 19, 2017
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