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Deal Announcement: Dorothy Grant

Dorothy Grant: An Endless Thread is the first monograph to celebrate the trailblazing career of the Haida fashion designer. It features new photography of dozens of Grant’s garments from the past four decades, modeled in studio and natural settings in Vancouver and Haida Gwaii, alongside sketches, traditional button robes and spruce-root weaving, and personal stories and reflections from Grant. Essays by Haida repatriation specialist and museologist Sdahl Ḵ’awaas Lucy Bell and curator India Ariel Young place Grant in the long continuum of Haida fashion and trace the many innovations and accomplishments of her journey, and Haida curator and artist Kwiaahwah Jones, a longtime assistant to Grant, shares behind-the-scenes insights and memories.

The book is a co-publication with Haida Gwaii Museum, and accompanies the exhibition Dorothy Grant: Retrospect, which opens at HGM in June 2024.

Coming Fall 2024.

February 20, 2024
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