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Deal Announcement: Journey After Midnight

Figure 1 is delighted to announce the signing of Ujjal Dosanjh’s memoir Journey After Midnight: India, Canada and the Road Beyond. This beautifully written story by one of Canada’s most distinguished politicians will be released in May 2016. A deeply personal and thoughtful account of Dosanjh’s journey from his beloved India to the upper echelons of Canadian politics, this is a story that is both wise and compelling, about a man passionate about social justice and democratic process who continues to rail against injustice and corruption wherever it is happening in the world.

Advance praise

“What a journey! Ujjal Dosanjh is still an Indian­–but he tells a crackling, only-in-Canada story.” –Terry Milewski, Senior Correspondent, CBC News

“Reading Journey After Midnight was a deeply moving experience. Its compassion, its honesty and the poetic nature of its prose will haunt the reader long after the final page has been turned.”–Deepa Mehta, Academy-Award–nominated director of Water


February 10, 2016
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