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Deal Announcement: “Kluane First Nation Elders Memory Project”

For several years the Elders of Kluane First Nation in southwest Yukon have been working to record their life histories, stories from the region, and traditional songs. This community-led oral storytelling project will form the basis of a publication set for release in Spring 2023. Each chapter of the book will share individual, family, and community stories, including historical photographs and portraits of the Elders. The book will also include a history of the Kluane First Nation and surrounding area, including photos of significant sites and trails, as well as traditional songs and stories in both Southern Tutchone and English. Figure 1 is honoured and excited to be working with the Kluane First Nation on this extraordinary legacy project, which will preserve vital community knowledge for generations to come.

Photograph: Alistair Maitland, Kluane Lake, Yukon

January 14, 2022
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