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Creative Director Naomi MacDougall Shares How to get the Most out of Your Book Cover Design Experience

Working with a designer to create your book cover is one of the most exciting and satisfying stages of the book publishing process. It’s the actualization of your book as a tangible object, the “face” of your book, and getting it right can make or break how it’s received in the market.

Here are 5 tips to consider when working with a designer to make sure your cover is idealized to perfection:

1. Do your research. Go to the bookstore and evaluate the shelf where your book would sit. Notice what formats, colours, and fonts catch your eye.

2.  Collect reference materials. Create a Pinterest board or a folder of images of artworks, book covers, and other aesthetic materials that speak to you to share with your designer.

3. Trust your designer. You’ve hired an expert, let them show you their talents!

4. Solicit feedback. Share the cover designs with your family and peers. Everyone will have an opinion, and while it can be overwhelming, it’s a great way to focus test the messaging of the design.

5. Don’t settle. The cover has your name on it and should be an object you’re proud to display front cover out. Don’t approve a cover design unless you 100% love it!

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January 19, 2022
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