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Deal Announcement: “Leading to Greatness”

Leading to Greatness is a hands-on how-to leadership development program designed to guide leaders to self and organizational excellence through the application of five core principles that once applied will have them primed to lead their organizations and teams into the future. Author Jim Reid combines his decades of top-level leadership and coaching experience with the best research and science available to deliver to leaders a practical and actionable plan that when consistently applied in one’s life becomes a transformative experience. Part guidebook, part workbook and part work study, Leading to Greatness delivers proof of concept of Reid’s program through detailed case studies from top-level executives across North America. The stunning results speak for themselves. If you are looking to take your performance—and the performance of your team—to the next level, look no further. Leading to Greatness is your ultimate tool for exceptional results and sustained success. Releasing spring 2022.

June 11, 2021
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