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Welcoming Steve Cameron as Senior Editor

Figure 1 Publishing is delighted to announce the hiring of Steve Cameron as our new Senior Editor. Based in Toronto, Steve will lead acquisitions for the company in central and eastern Canada and the United States, and he will edit and project manage up to a dozen titles annually for the Figure 1 Publishing program.

“Steve is a talented, dedicated and experienced publishing professional,” says Chris Labonté, publisher and president of Figure 1. “We are delighted to welcome him to our team and I cannot wait to see him grow, flourish and take on more and more responsibility within the company. He has a very bright future here at Figure 1.”

Steve is a 15-year industry veteran who has published multiple award-winning and bestselling books. He has also created numerous publishing partnerships and programs with distinguished Canadian organizations and institutions, including the National Film Board of Canada and the Hockey Hall of Fame.

“I’m extremely proud to be joining one of Canada’s premier publishers,” says Steve. “With such a celebrated list and strong team, I’m looking forward to a future of acquiring and publishing beautifully made, impactful and important books that will help Figure 1 cement its place as a leader in Canada’s publishing industry.”

June 2, 2021
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