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Deal Announcement: Perch

Perch by Justin Champagne-Lagarde is an ode to sustainable, elevated, Canadian cuisine. With a year-long, seasonal menu focus and specially commissioned photography, readers will join Champagne-Lagarde as he chronicles the ongoings of his 26-seat tasting menu restaurant, Perch, and highlights the Canadian producers from coast to coast to coast who provide him the ethically farmed, grown, and harvested ingredients he features on his menus. Having worked under renowned Chef Robert Clark at C Restaurant and Dominique Crenn at the three Michelin starred Atelier Crenn, Champagne-Lagarde has made Perch and its low-waste, sustainable, Canadian-forward menus one of the nation’s most sought-after tables since its opening in 2021. Acquired by Associate Publisher + Vice President, Steve Cameron. Releasing Fall 2025.

August 28, 2023
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