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Deal Announcement: “The Little Island Bake Shop”

Figure 1 Publishing has acquired worldwide rights to Jana Roerick’s cookbook, The Little Island Bake Shop: Heirloom Recipes Made for Sharing which will publish in spring 2019.

Roerick is the baker-owner behind Jana’s Bake Shop, the critically acclaimed Salt Spring Island bakery renowned for its delicious and classic baked goods.

Her upcoming cookbook will feature more than 80 delicious, easy-to-make recipes from beautiful cakes, pies, and cookies to savoury quiches and condiments. “Jana’s Bake Shop has been churning out ridiculously delicious desserts for decades. From espresso cookies and pecan caramel squares to a strawberry rhubarb pie, there is something for everyone,” says Acquisitions Editor Michelle Meade. “Salt Spring Island boasts an incredible creative community, and we are absolutely thrilled to publish a beautiful cookbook that will showcase Jana’s artisanal desserts and capture the imagination of baking enthusiasts of all skill levels.”

May 10, 2018
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