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Top 10 Grilling with House of Q Tips

Over the past few months we’ve been offering tips from BBQ Brian Misko, author of Grilling with House of Q. Here’s our top 10 to help when you’re next stoking the barbecue:

1. Cook prawns until colour JUST starts to change leaving a little grey. Residual heat will cook through.

2. Did ya know? I want my steak medium-rare means the beef temperature is 120-125F when you remove it from the grill.

3. Use a chimney to light charcoal or use a plumbers torch – simple and quick. Start with small fires though and stay in control.

4. Upgrade your grill game and use planks or grill stones to add flavor to meats, vegetables and even desserts.

5. Stop overcooking pork. It doesn’t need to be well-done. Use a thermometer to know when it’s 140-145F.

6. Don’t use a knife to check if chicken is done. Master the craft with a thermometer.

7. No need to soak wood chips to create BBQ smoke. If you control the air flow to the chips they’ll smoulder just fine.

8. Puffed pastry on the grill? Yes sir! Grilled Asparagus Tart is a perfect recipe but don’t walk away from the grill – it’s sensitive!

9. Get ready to cook after a break by taking your grill apart and check all the parts to see if they need to be brushed off or even replaced.

10. Finally…whatever you cook on your grill, share it with friends, family and guests. They’ll give you hugs.

Grilling with House of Q is available now!

June 24, 2015
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