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Winnipeg Cooks: Behind the Scenes

Creative Director, Jess Sullivan, has filed this report on her recent photo shoot for the upcoming cookbook, Winnipeg Cooks

“The photo shoot for Winnipeg Cooks took place last week in the cool city of Winnipeg. It was a crisp and bright -16 when I arrived and a less inviting -30 when I departed later in the week. This Vancouverite learned a few tricks; like zipping one’s jacket before stepping outside; how to ward off static cling (because I never really knew just what static cling looked like until last week); and even though it’s winter in other parts of Canada you still need sunglasses! But here’s a little sneak peak of what you have to look forward to this Fall.”


“Here we have photographer Ian McCausland and stylist Marisa Curatolo hard at work. As you can see they made for a fun week. It was great to meet all the interesting characters that make up the the food scene in Winnipeg; here you can see Shawn Brandson from Promenade Cafe + Wine wearing a hand crafted Hudson Bay coat and traditional Metis sash.”


“No food shoot is complete without testing the goods!! If you have never tasted Saskatoon berries (like myself), then you need to make a trip to Tall Grass Bakery and get yourself some of their Saskatoon berry, rhubarb pie. I may just have to move to Winnipeg now. Those are faces of pure happiness (Marisa, Ian and book designer Natalie Olsen).”


“Finishing off with a little bit of visual contrast: leaving Winnipeg on the left, landing in Vancouver in the middle. And no trip is complete without the welcome-home selfie; seen behind me is some of the amazing art which resides at YVR.”

February 23, 2015
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