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Montreal Cooks: Behind the Scenes

Our roving reporter, Jess Sullivan, has filed another report on her recent photo shoot for the upcoming cookbook, Montreal Cooks

“Hello to another wintery Canadian city. Bonjour Montreal! This is a beautiful place, with or without snow. Let’s meet the uber talented team that came together to create the upcoming Montreal Cooks book project.


Here we have authors Jonathan Cheung and Tays Spencer busy on set ensuring everything ran smoothly and everyone showed up on time. Merci beaucoup!!


Photographer Fabrice Gaetan and his right hand man Francois witnessing the pure enthusiasm that is chef Daniel Notkin. That’s a serious passion for mollusks! According to Dr. Seafood if you want to live long and stay young—an oyster a day will do you some good. And say hello to lobster, not sure if he’s still alive, but he was last time I saw him.


Meet the lovely stylist Sarah Laroche rejoicing in the favourite shot of the hour (there were a lot of favourite shots this week).


Double decker chefs! Amazing smells and amazing food all over the place.


Fabrice runs a very chill set. This pretty much sums up the imagery in the making (Minus the laughter, joking and serious mutterings through the shots—my favourite part!!)


And so I leave you with a taste of what’s to come this fall for Montreal Cooks. Merci toute le monde pour la semaine. I return to Vancouver with a few new choice phrases, a better French accent and travel plans to return to Montreal!”

March 6, 2015
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