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John Cussans

John Cussans is an artist and writer whose work draws on the cultural legacies of Surrealism and avant-garde ethnography within contemporary art and popular culture. His book Undead Uprising: Haiti, Horror and the Zombie Complex (MIT / Strange Attractor Press, 2017) explores the uses of Haiti as a locus for Euro-American fears about African culture, spirituality and revolutionary excess in the Americas, and their sublimation into popular horror tropes. Since 2016 he has been working on an inter-disciplinary, artistic research project called The Skullcracker Suite—inspired by Hox’hok, the giant cannibal crane of Kwakwaka’wakw Oral Traditions—which investigates processes of cultural decolonization in British Columbia since the 1970s.

Books Published with Figure 1:
Beau Dick