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Figure 1 Publishing Expands

We are delighted to announce the addition of two new employees to meet the demands of significant growth over the past year. Naomi MacDougall joins the company’s design team as Senior Designer/Art Director, while Michael Leyne bolsters the editorial team as Editor.

Naomi has over a decade of experience in publication design, including as a designer at Douglas + McIntyre and an art director at Western Living, and has won numerous awards for her work. She brings broad experience to the creative team, as well as a passion for illustrated books, particularly cookery titles.

“Naomi and I worked together early in our book design careers,” says Jessica Sullivan, Creative Director. “I’m super excited to reunite with her incredible talent and unleash our cumulative knowledge and insight.”

Mike is a graduate of Simon Fraser University’s Master of Publishing program and the former Managing Editor and Art Director of New Star Books, one of the country’s most respected independent literary presses. He has worked with many respected and award-winning authors, including John Armstrong, Jean Barman, George Bowering, and Erín Moure.

“We feel fortunate to hire an editor of Mike’s calibre,” says Chris Labonté, Publisher + President. “He is a young, smart publishing professional who graduated the top of his class. I look forward to seeing how he will help us become even better at what we do.”


November 14, 2017
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