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Recipe: Eau Claire Parlour Gin Cocktail

Eau Claire Parlour Gin Cocktail

Serves 2

A bespoke, well-made cocktail always has the capacity to make life seem a little better—and this drink is no exception.


Grande G and T



1 Tbsp fruity loose-leaf tea (preferably TotaliTea Sunshine Orange)

2 fl oz Eau Claire Parlour gin

Eau Claire Soda Company Original Tonic Water

Thin slice of orange peel or citrus peel of your choice


Place tea in a tea ball or reusable tea bag and put it in a snifter. Pour in gin and steep for 2 minutes. Remove the tea ball or bag, add an ice cube and top with tonic water. Gently stir.

Squeeze orange (or other citrus) peel lengthwise to extract the oils and rub over the rim of the glass. Drop in peel and enjoy!





January 14, 2020
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